Art & Craft

The arts and crafts of a nation reveal its culture and heritage and India is one such nation which is quite affluent in awe-inspiring works of craft. Almost all the Indian states have their own ethnic craft traditions and most have them have been passed from generation to generation as legacies. The ingenuity of the craftsmen has lent an unending appeal to the various craftworks and craft in India is valued by tourists frequenting this country.Art in India,Crafts Tourism in India, Craft Tours of India, Handicraft Tours of India, Crafts of India Orissa is one such state that has kept its age-old tradition and culture alive by their inimitable craftworks and some of the tribes such as Kondhs, Koyas, Bondas, Santals, Gadabas, Juangas, are known for the fine craft works.

Every tribe is known for its unique art forms that range from weaving of handloom, saris, basket, stone carving, painting, metal work are popular the world over. The stone carving on the walls of the Jagannath, Konark and the Lingaraja temples reveal the superiority of the artists. Each stone has been brought to life with the endeavor and art of the artists.