Modern India Tourism

India is a land of most beautiful wild lands and natural parks, rich in bio-diversity and heavily populated forests. At present, there are 450 National Parks, Wildlife Sanctuaries and protected areas in the country. Some 3000 most beautiful natural areas and wild lands are known for their scenic beauty. These can be used just to encourage wildlife tourism and natural tourism in the country. At present 6.5 million tourists are visiting India annually and most of them are wild life tourists or tourists interested to visit natural areas.

In several countries wildlife tourism has become the backbone of their economy. In South Africa, there are only Seven National Parks and all of them are doing well in wildlife tourism. The Kruger National Park is a largest wilderness in South Africa and is the king of all national parks. The park is getting four to six million tourists every year and is a haven for all the wild animals in South Africa. The park has been fully commercialised by the South African Government. It functions as largest Game and Safari Park for the big businessmen and a large fee is taken from them to maintain the affairs of the Park.